Filati 26 - Model 45, Alpaca Air, bisschen enger gestrickt

Great yarn, model is even better when you wair it: the positioning of the horizontal lines on the collar and the arms, work lovely. Alpaca air feels light as air! Soft and luxurious. Not prickly. The yarn is a bit hairy, which means some caution while knitting.
For size 36-40 the pattern advices 91 stitches for the waist, this would make (front plus back): 2x70cm=140cm waist. I started with 12 STITCHES LESS (the waist is now 120cm). Then just follow the instructions. Until the part where you “add 16 stitches on each side”. If you want the sleeves to have the original length, make you sure to add the stitches at this point: 6 for each SLEEVE (that makes 16+6=22 on each side). Good luck!

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